Big Star little Star

Big Star's Little Star is a British television game show presented by Stephen Mulhern and is broadcast on ITV1. The show, which began airing on 4 September 2013, sees three celebrity contestants and their children or grandchildren answering questions about each other to win up to £15,000 for a charity of their choice.

A second series was confirmed shortly after the end of the first. It began airing on 26 March 2014.

Round 1Edit

The celebrities (known as the 'Big Stars') are asked the same, multiple choice questions as their children (known as the 'Little Stars'), with their aim being to answer the same. Each of the celebrities is given three questions in turn, with the children's answers pre-recorded and shown on-screen.

Round 2Edit

The celebrities watch a series of clips of their children describing several everyday items, with the aim being to identify what their children are describing. The celebrities are awarded two points if they can identify the items after the first clue, and one point after the second clue has been given.

Round 3Edit

The celebrities and their children are given three pictures, they will be asked a question by Mulhern about either the celebrity or their child and both of them must answer A, B or C, the objective being that they will answer the same, despite not being able to see each other. At the end of the round, two celebrity pairs leave the show with £1,000 for their chosen charity, leaving the winning celebrity and child to play in the fourth and final round.

Round 4Edit

The winning celebrity and their child will play for £15,000 for charity. As they've already made it through to the final, they'll automatically win £5,000. In this final round, they are given 10 pairs of images that mean something to the family and are hidden behind 20 squares on the screen. The images are displayed on the screen for 5 seconds and then, they must work together to match-up as many pairs as they can before time runs out. If all ten are matched, the team win £15,000 for their selected charity.