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Men Behaving Badly

Men Behaving Badly is a British sitcom that was created and written by Simon Nye. It was first broadcast on ITV from 1992, moving to BBC One from 1994 to 1998. A total of six series were made along with a Christmas special and three final episodes that make up the feature-length "last orders".

Summary Edit

Gary and Tony are two beer-guzzling flatmates, revelling in a second childhood, hours of TV and mindless talks about women, the kind of behaviour that puts their relationships with Dorothy (Gary's girlfriend) and Deborah (an attractive blonde in the flat above) in jeopardy.

Gary manages an office selling burglar alarms for a dead-end company. His staff are two ageing employees: the hen-pecked George and eternal spinster Anthea, who regularly drive him to exasperation with their old-fashioned ways. Tony stumbles through a range of jobs including modelling, bar work and miming, after his record stall collapsed (somewhat literally).

Dorothy is a quick-witted, sensible nurse. She and Gary frequently split up and are occasionally unfaithful (including one fateful night when Dorothy sleeps with Tony), but always end up back together. Tony has many girlfriends but his true feelings are for Deborah, who he initially just wants to have sex with, but quickly falls in love with. Deborah is often exasperated by Tony's immature behaviour, but can also see the good in him. The two finally end up in a relationship in series 6.