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Wild at heart

Wild at Heart is an ITV television drama series about a Bristol-based vet and his family, who emigrate to a nature reserve in South Africa and open up a game park.The show first aired on ITV Network on January 29, 2006 and ran for seven seasons until its final episode on Sunday, March 11, 2012.

Summary Edit

Wild at Heart begins with the Trevanion family going about their lives in Bristol. Everything changes drastically when an abandoned vervet monkey is brought into Danny's surgery.

His wife Sarah suggests they go to Africa to rehabilitate the monkey in the hopes that a holiday will bring the troop closer together. The business trip becomes a permanent adventure and throughout the series we see the Trevanions settle into life in the bush and work to start up a game park.

They are faced with many challenges along the way, including lethal snakebites, a deadly strain of anthrax, darting lionesses, missing children, uninvited guests, and a rival game park whose manager causes plenty of trouble when he can.